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The Book of Romans

The book of Romans is known as the “Miniature Bible” which is a concentration of the core-doctrines of the entire Bible. This book has changed many people over a long period of time. And those changes are still occurring endlessly through this very book of Romans even to this day. The book of Romans teaches us about the heart of men, sin, the purpose of the law, the core message of the gospel, and variety of key aspects about the life of faith in depth. It is an amazing scripture that leads us to stand boldly before God by the grace and faith of Christ especially by intimately depicting Paul’s personal life of faith, his agony toward Israel, and his salvation. I hope that the amazing world of God that was fulfilled in the heart of Paul may also be fulfilled in every one of us through this lecture.

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Pastor Seung Yoon Woo

  • Senior Pastor at Good News Lusaka Church, Zambia

  • President of Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) - Zambia

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