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Introduction of Lecture

The Gospel of Mark

People often say that the Gospel of Mark is the Ox Gospel.
The book handles the deeds, tribulation, persecution, and the death on the cross of Jesus Christ who came in the image of a servant. Jesus Christ travelled through the land of Israel and healed the sick, made whole the demon-possessed, and worked many miracles. Yet, through these things, he also bared witness of His tribulation, death, and resurrection to come. Through this course on the Gospel of Mark, I believe that we will discover the heart and wisdom Jesus had for us, go over the salvation of the soul, and be blessed much in our personal life of faith.

The Book of Mark.jpeg


Pastor Jin Sung Kim 

  • Pastor of Good News Daegu Church

  • Deputy Head of Mahanaim Cyber College

  • Chief Advisor of International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Daegu/Kyeongbuk Region

  • Chief Director of International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Central America/Caribbean Region

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