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Church History

The church is the body of Christ and Christ is the head of church. God allows us to learn the various wisdoms which belongs to heaven through the church, and He manifests His power and allows us to bear precious spiritual fruits. 

In the past, there was a time when the freedom to read the Bible, have meetings, preach the word, and fellowship with one another did not exist. How we can freely praise the Lord, share the word, and fellowship today is because numberless workers of the gospel had lost their lives at times, were imprisoned, were tortured, and lost fortunes at times while protecting this gospel and the church.

I hope all of you would be able to feel the preciousness of the gospel and church as we study Church History together. This Church History course will cover the most significant events of church history and the footsteps of the workers of the gospel. I hope everyone’s heart becomes filled with grace and love from the Lord as we learn about the magnificent faith of the Christians and their beautiful lives which shine like the stars.

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Pastor Han Kyu Lee

  • Senior Pastor at Good News Wonju Church, Korea

  • Secretary General of Korea Christians Association (KCA)

  • Author of books, ‘Remember the Creator’, ‘Who Makes the Heretics’

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