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About Us


Introduction to the Good News Theology School

Founded by Pastor Ock Soo Park in 1976, the Good News Theology School became the school of thousands of gospel preachers and missionaries all over the world. Through emphasis on the pure gospel of repentance and the remission of sins as written in Luke 24:47, the training center aims to nurture and educate future preachers of the gospel that will bring the light of Christ to a world dying within sin.   In this day and age, Christianity faces immense challenges: many churches have lost their connection to true Biblical faith, the average demographic of church-going Christians is getting older, and churches are disappearing all together left and right. These phenomena all have risen from pastors and churches who have left the truth of the gospel of God’s grace to focus on the works and labors of man and a religious connection with God rather than a connection inspired by faith. What is needed is true Biblical repentance which is the return to the spiritual life of believing in the word rather than believing in the works of man. The Training Center continues to be the place where pastors who have experienced limits in their ministry and the people who have been called by God to preach the gospel all over the world can grow in the spirit.   God will work through His servants. If one true servant of God is established, we believe that a church will experience change, then a community, then a city, and then the country. To raise the servants of God that will proclaim the gospel and change the world, the Good News Theology School serves as the spiritual headquarters for the armies of the Lord.

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