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Student Life


  • Q) How can I access my online courses?
    Attending class online is easy. Simply log-in to your account, click the menu "My Courses", and choose the lecture you need to attend. Submit the assignments and reports on time and you are on the right track!
  • Q) How long will it take to complete the program?
    The online courses at Good News Theology School take an average of 2 years to complete. Each year has two semesters: Fall and Spring, which comes out to four semesters in total.
  • Q) What is the benefit of taking the online courses at Good News Theology School?
    At Mahanaim Bible Training Center, you will learn about the Bible in depth, discover the heart of God within the scripture, and start to live a faith-based spiritual life through the guidance of the Word. Through our online format, delving into the Word and receiving instruction has never been easier.
  • Q) How can I pay for my tuition?
    The tuition is very affordable, but if you are having a difficult time paying, there is a variety of scholarships available to help you offset the cost. Information about scholarships will be posted on the website as they become available.
  • Q) Can I switch to another language after registering for a program or mid-lecture?
    Every student is assigned a student number upon registering with Mahanaim Bible Training Center. This student number is affiliated with a specific language (English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean) indicated by the student as their primary language when registering. Each language is a separate program with its own page. Consider the four language websites as four separate schools, not as a language translation option you can flip through. The Dean of each language department is responsible for each student completing his/her program within that language. Therefore, watching lectures in several languages is prohibited.
  • Q) When is the break?
    Summer break is from July to August, and winter break is from January to February.
  • Q) When are lectures updated?
    Lectures for the week are updated every Monday. (12:00 AM EDT)
  • Q) Is there any time restriction on watching the lectures?
    No. You can watch the lectures any time you want at your convenience. There is nothing to worry about – that’s the beauty of our online classes!
  • Q) What is the procedure for essays and exams?
    Everything is done online. During exam periods (refer to the Academic Calendar), be sure to check the ‘notice’ board and follow any instructions posted. For essays, you must download the essay template in order to write and submit essays by the due date.
  • Q) When sitting for an exam, which clock do you go off of if you are not living in the United States?"
    We are aware that the students who sit for exams in countries other than the U.S. may have some challenges with the time difference, but we request that you take your exams according to the U.S. time. This is to avoid any programing errors or complications.
  • Q) I completed watching a lecture, but it still says incomplete. What do I do?"
    Once a lecture is finished, do not close the video immediately. Wait 3-4 seconds until you see a ‘play again’ button, and then close the video. If this doesn’t work, press the F5 key and refresh the page.
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