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詩篇 2篇8節


朝鮮戦争直後、イギリスとアメリカの正統派福音宣教師が1962年に韓国に宣教師学校を設立し、福音の働き手を育てました。 パク・オクス牧師が同じ学校から訓練を受けた後、1976年にグッドニュース神学校を設立し、この学校を通じて多くの福音の伝道者が派遣され始めました。 2010年初期から、霊的生活と聖書神学を学びたい人のためのオンラインプログラムが開始されました。

As of today, a total of 15,000 people received training at Good News Theology School and among them, 1,300 people are currently living for the gospel as pastors in 90 different countries around the world. Moreover, they are preaching the gospel based on the faith they learned from this school to many people bound by sin in each country and are changing many countries through various activities, in areas such as youth, education, medical volunteering, and etc.

The Good News Theology School offers primary language services (English, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, and Cambodian), allowing students of different countries to listen to the lectures in their preferred languages through a structured online lecture system. Currently, this program is running in approximately 90 countries.

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