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[English] Important notice on the Special Lecture


We have noticed that some students are wondering about the "Special Lecture" course. It is indeed one of the courses for the semester, however, it is not a regularly scheduled. The administrative office will notify students to watch the lectures when the school decides a lecture series to serve as the "special lecture" course.

We will let the students know where they can attend the lectures for the 'Special Lecture' course when it has been decided. In the meantime, please make sure to keep up with the weekly course lectures.

For any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to contact the office at any time.

Best regards,


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Benard Odera
Nov 10, 2023

Thank you


Unknown member
Sep 04, 2023

Thanks for the update


Unknown member
Aug 01, 2023

Hello , may i receive help concerning the exam because i cant get through to it yet it will be tge dead line soon.


yannaing minrhing
Apr 12, 2023

Thank a lots for information


Khazamula William Baloyi
Khazamula William Baloyi
Feb 22, 2023

Thankfully so much Good news theology school really God has a ways of teaching us a really Gospel, when i register i was without a laptop but at the time of Exam God send some one to borrow me inthe last exam again God send some one to borrow me laptop, in the last lecture some one gave tablet that i May finish my work thankfully to God who connected my heart with Good news theology school

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