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The Book of Exodus

The Israelites overcame the judgment of death through the Passover, came out of Egypt, and eventually got to the land of Canaan, the land God promised Abraham. They continued their journey through the wilderness with the guidance from the pillar of cloud, fire and Moses. The path saved Christians take toward heaven after being freed from sin by the blood of Jesus, the lamb of the Passover, is also a journey where we are led by the servant whom the word of God, the church of God, and God has established. When you meet the heart of God through the book of Exodus, your faith toward God who is leading us in this wilderness-like world will take root, you will live a blessed spiritual life.

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Pastor Hee Jin Park

  • Pastor at Good News Gangreung Church 

  • Regional Director of West and Central Africa IYF 

  • Goodwill Ambassador to Gambia, Africa

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