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The Book of Genesis

Our heart and the God’s heart are different. It becomes burdensome when we take the responsibility and we end up having our hearts filled up quite often with feeling tired and burdened rather than having Jesus help us. This is so when our own heart to do something take over us, rather than the heart of God. You can return to being one heart with God through the words in the book of Genesis. If you entrust the Lord, He will surely help. The best thing to do is to entrust the Lord with it. You will experience living a blessed life being led by God and His promise after your thoughts and hearts become completely denied and emptied in Genesis. You will have a precious time for your heart by gaining strength after moving forward by leaving it to the Lord with your faith in God and his promise.

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Pastor Yeong Kook Park

  • Senior Pastor at Good News New York Church, U.S.

  • President of Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)

  • Executive Director of Good News Theology School

  • Honorary Doctorate of Education from Mongolia Technology University

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