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[English]Welcome to Good News Theology School.

Welcome to Good News Theology School.

You are officially enrolled to take courses at Good News Theology School. The attached slides explain about how to get around the school website and use the ‘My Course’ interface. You can access your semester courses and check important updates and announcements from school.

-Information video-

Semester Schedule

Following is the schedule for the 2021 Spring Semester:

Feb. 8: First day of the semester

Apr. 11 – Apr. 17: Mid-term

Jun. 6 – Jun 12: Final Exam


To access the lectures, simply log into your school account on the website by clicking “My Courses” on the top right. On “My Courses”, click “My Courses” from far left of the main menu of the page. Choose the course that you would like to watch by clicking “Enter” button. Your attendance will be recorded automatically when you have finished the lecture. (If you do not finish the lecture, the lecture clip does not keep the record of where you watched last)


There are two major exams: the mid-term and final in the semester. Both exams are composed of short answer questions, two questions per class. Answers must be a minimum of 250 words. Keep in mind that once you open the test page, you can’t go back again the second time or so forth to write answers (if you submit your answers the first time you open the test page, you cannot submit your answer afterwards). Students will have more than enough time to go over the materials for the exam during the exam week to write answers.


The grades are assessed based on the standard below:

Attendance: 50%

Mid-term grades: 25%

Final grades: 25%

Contact the School

Should you have any problems with logging in, accessing your account on ‘My Courses’ page, or questions, always feel free to contact us by phone +1 (808) 436-1712 or email: info@goodnewstheology.com or message us through the website chat.

Thank you for enrolling and we look forward to having you.

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