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The Gospel

The gospel is the good news of God.

God had planned to save mankind from sins from long ago already, Jesus came to this earth to perfectly wash our sins away, and the Holy Spirit has been preaching this good news through His servants. However, Satan put distrust in man’s heart concerning God to prevent from believing this truth. People ended up trying to become righteous rather than believing in the fact that they were made righteous.


Many people think, 'we must do good because God is good.'

Many people think, 'the law was given to keep it diligently.'

Many people believe that ‘sins are washed with repentance prayer.’


However, the Bible speaks differently. When we come to know exactly what God has done for us through this Gospel Lecture, the life of faith can be easy and we will live a life of faith walking together with God.

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Pastor Jong Ho Kim

  • Senior Pastor at Good News Masan Church, Korea

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